While we have some potential downsides, life in Marin is pretty darn good. It’s a special corner of the world, and it seems to have it all. Natural beauty. People of all talents. From artists, authors and musicians to tech gurus, business tycoons and movie stars. The weather isn’t half bad, either.

And while all these wonderful ingredients make Marin what it is, if we all just sat back and did nothing to nurture, maintain and enrich this place and its people, the Marin of the future would look and feel nothing like the incredible place it is today.

There may be no better way to help Marin be Marin, than to grow and develop the next generation of residents to embrace everything and anything that it stands for.

Our public schools do just that. And if we think they’re just fine and will always be just fine, the future around here is in trouble.

The fact is, the state has slashed over $55 million from our schools’ funding. It’s deep, and in some schools it’s resulted in larger classes, less teachers and counselors, and eliminated programs. If we’re complacent about that, the next generations that pass through our schools will be seriously deprived of opportunity. The whole community will feel that effect.

But that’s why we’re here. We’re SchoolsRule and we’re a coalition that benefits every single public school in Marin (imagine all those folks actually working harmoniously together). Our goal is to improve public education for all Marin kids.

With your help, that’s absolutely attainable. Volunteer. Voice your opinion.

Date posted: April 27, 2011

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