The facts are simple, but that certainly doesn’t make them any less daunting.

The state of California has slashed funding for our public schools by over $55 million. These slashes aren’t affecting just the nice-to-haves and the oh-that’s-neat extracurriculars.  In schools across the county, teachers have been cut. Classroom aides (while class sizes have significantly increased). Librarians. Counselors. In other words, people. People who help our county’s kids develop into well-rounded members of society have been removed from helping.

Many programs in many schools, as a result, aren’t being funded by the state, either. Language classes. Technology programs. Music, dance, drama and arts classes. Sports programs. Remember back when you were in school and you could take metal shop or woodworking—and remember how important it was for some kids to have programs like that just to survive?  Funds not available.

This is where we sit. The state isn’t funding public education sufficiently.  Full stop. And communities have to step up and fill the gap. Debate over.

Enter SchoolsRule. We’re a countywide coalition helping every school and every district in Marin (how about that, all those folks working harmoniously together). Our sole purpose is to improve public education for every child. Of course, we need help. Volunteer your time in a classroom. Voice your opinion on our website, or among your circle of friends. And donate—it’s one cause that benefits every single person in Marin. Because if our public schools thrive, Marin’s businesses and communities do as well.

Hard to argue with that.

Date posted: April 19, 2011

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