Don’t judge a school by the number of German sedans in its parking lot.

It’s an honest mistake, actually. We all tend to equate affluent neighborhoods and towns with well-funded public schools. It’s just not the case

The state has cut over $55 million in funding for schools, and let’s be clear about something – the state does not discriminate between town budgets. They all get hacked.

So we find ourselves in a position where public education simply isn’t free, and communities have to bridge the gap between what the state pays for and what it actually costs to put teachers in classrooms. Now you can imagine that the problem is compounded in communities where resources are tighter. But the issue is not theirs alone.

Which brings us to SchoolsRule. A coalition that benefits every public school in Marin, and every single kid, whether they get chauffeured to cello lessons or not. SchoolsRule is looking for like-minded, strong-willed, big-hearted people. Volunteer your time. Offer your opinion. And at some point, even make a donation.

The simple truth is, public schools need strong communities, and communities need strong public schools. That’s something that will never change, regardless of how many luxury marques are clogging up the drop-off line.

Date posted: May 24, 2011

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