What’s more available to a kid in Marin: Drugs alcohol or a poetry class?

We all know too well: teenagers in this society of ours have access to all kinds of damaging vices, both in the world at large but also right at home. One part of parenting these days is giving kids the values and tools to navigate safely around a constant barrage of not-so pleasant influences.

The other part of raising children, however, is doing the opposite. Providing access to positive influences. Influences that can help instill and develop creative problem-solving skills. Influences that can, at the very least, help grow healthy, well rounded participating members of society. Influences that can even nurture the soul.

The arts do all of the above.

When the stresses mount, when the substances beckon, when the technology overwhelms, a little thing known as creative expression can be quite a liberating tool to have handy.

Of course, the state likes to express itself in an utterly un-creative way: when budgets get cut for our public schools, the arts programs tend to be among the first to go. In a world where success requires smart thinking, creativity isn’t a luxury.

That’s where we come in. SchoolsRule is a countywide coalition benefiting every district and every public school in Marin. We have one mission: to improve the education opportunities for every single kid in the county. We’d love to get you on board with that, in any way you’d like. Volunteer your time. Voice your ideas and opinions. Or donate money, which will be divided on a per-student basis and distributed evenly throughout the county.

The modern world presents a lot of influences to our youth. Sure wouldn’t hurt if one were a muse.

Date posted: June 21, 2011

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