It's time to address the inequality gap.

Every aspect of life in Marin improves when ALL students in ALL our public schools, have access to the same high quality programs and the same opportunities for success.


At the heart of SchoolsRule-Marin lies two fundamentally important principles

  • the first, is that all children, in all schools deserve the best possible educational opportunities, wherever they may live in our community
  • the second, is that we all have a collective responsibility to look beyond our neighborhoods and individual school districts, to ensure that all schools have the resources they need to fully meet the needs of their students.

SchoolsRule-Marin is a coalition of the 20 public school foundations who are working to benefit every public school student in Marin County. Our objectives are to engage the community in a discussion about our schools and the important issues facing education, to encourage action through volunteering in the schools, and, in an unprecedented step in our community, to work together as one in raising funds for all students in all public schools. 


Good People of Marin–Show How Much You Care


Annual Distribution Event
Thank You For Your Generosity

RSVP for SchoolsRule Marin 7th Annual Distribution Event is October 23rd at 4:00 PM. -- Learn More >>


A fun outing for a great cause! Come out in support of Special Education! ⛳️@dsemarin
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Amazing Marin non-profit serving the community and providing wonderful opportunities for our high school students. Congratulations @CeresCommunity!
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Thank you @GivingMarin for highlighting the great work of Marin non-profits!
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Marin Realtors: you still have 2 weeks to make your contribution of $100 or more to SchoolsRule to be included in our @MarinMagazine ad. The deadline is Aug 1. Thank you @MarinRealtors for your partnership and support of ALL public schools kids in Marin!
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RT @usedgov: Happy #SummerLearningDay! Help promote quality #SummerLearning and make it your goal to tackle our list of 6 ways to beat the…
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