Thank You SchoolsRule 2023 Donors

Thank you for supporting the students of Marin.

Business Partners

Redwood Credit Union

Bank of Marin
Kaiser Permanente
Marin Sanitary Service

Nugget Markets

BioMarin Pharmaceutical Inc.
County of Marin
CPi Developers
Dominican University
Fishman Supply Company
Greystone West Company
Hennessy Funds
Pasha Group
Thompson Dorfman Partners, LLC

California Statewide Development Corporation
College of Marin
Dannis Woliver Kelley
Gott's Roadside
McLeran Roofing
Montecito Market Place
Sutter Health - Novato Community Hospital

Foundation Donors

Chrysopolae Foundation
The Gruber Family Foundation
Harbor Point Charitable Foundation
Marin Community Foundation
Sato Family Fund
Boone Family Foundation
The Lakeview Foundation
Venables Bell & Partners

Realtor Partners

Ann Alwyn and Bill Smith
Joshua Dietch
Andrea Dyer
Bitsa Freeman
Katie Jarman
Katrina Kehl
Catherine Kennings
Joan Kermath
Sharon Kramlich
Team Lotte and Sarah
Mark Machado
Marin Home Team
Liz McCarthy and Shenna Moe
Ethan Moeller
Keith Offord
Seadrift Realty, Inc
April Lepito Smith
Holly Welch
Howard Wynn

Individual Donors

Elli Abdoli 
Bill Arnold  
Dana and David Baker-Williams  
Stacey Beckhardt  
Dr. Camille Bedrosian  
Armika Berkley  
Ruth Ann Binder and Matt Rossiter  
Michelle Bloom 
  Al Brayton  
Jackie and Ken Broad  
Carson and Peter Buck  
Mary Jane Burke  
Wendy Buscaglia  
Walt and Susan Buster  
Kathy King and Jerry Cahill  
Cynthia Carroll  
Monique and John Carroll  
Pam and Matt Coan  
Angela Colombo  
Thomas Cooper  
Susan Copeland  
Alex and Eris Cushner  
Cari and Bill Dauphinais  
Bob and Ruth Dell  
Jim and Barbara Derich  
Camille Dibble  
Bruce Dorfman  
Stephanie and Bruce Dorfman  
Cara and Scott Douglass  
Michelle Drake 
  Jim Duckworth and Roberta Dixon  
Annie Egan  
Jennifer Fearon  
Ron Felder  
Jane and Doug Ferguson  
Patty Garbarino  
Andrew Garcia  
Trisha and Jim Garlock  
Len Gensberg and Debra Thal  
Nancy Gilmour  
Deborah and Jonathan Goldman  
Charlie and Barbara Goodman  
Kenneth and Joan Gosliner  
Bob and Alex Griswold  
David Guggenhime  
Keely Hamilton  
Cecilia and Wil Harris  
Karen Hauer and Karim islam  
Elaine Hausman  
Allan Herzog  
Susan and Jared Huffman  
Tamara Hull  
Thomas and Tinsley Hutson-Wiley  
Steve and Karen Jaber  
Charlie Jeffers  
Kate and Crockett Jeffers  
Sydney and David Joyner  
Ray and Carla Kaliski 
  Paula and Mark Kamena  
Leanne Barsotti and Ken Lippi  
Pat Kendall  
Kellie and Rob Kessel  
Andrew Kives and Joyce Abrams  
Carla Kovak  
Dr. Veen Kumar  
Kathleen Clifford and Bill Lampl  
George Landau  
Jan LaTorre-Derby  
Damien Lee  
Farah Leschner  
Maika Llorens Gulati  
Jon and Gale Love  
Jesse Madsen  
Susan Mathews and Christopher Gilkerson  
Cindy and John McCauley  
Senator Mike McGuire  
Kenneth and Vera Meislin  
Ross and Linda Millerick  
Kathy Mindham  
Steve Montoya  
Liz and John Moriarty  
Susan Morrow  
Dean and Michele Moser  
Stephanie Moulton-Peters  
Sheri and Doug Mowbray  
Tim and Oksana Myers  
Alicia Ncho-Oguie  
Gary and Marcia Nelson  
Jessica and Alan Newman  
Jenny Novack  
Susan Noyes  
Stephanie O'Brien  
Courtney O'Connell  
Robin O'Connell  
Corinne Masri and Fred Padula  
Dr. Tom Peters  
David and Ann Peterson  
Valerie Pitts  
Stephanie Plante  
Gwen and Tom Price  
Sarah Pruden  
Paula and Robert Reynolds  
Curtis and Xania Robinson  
Anne Harper and Rick Ronald  
Susan and Thomas Schmidt  
Barbara Schoen  
Karen Schubert  
Bill and Ginny Schultz  
Susan and Michael Schwartz  
Martin and Elizabeth Sleath  
Jed and Caitlin Smith  
Patti and Dave Standlin  
Sally Stocks  
Jeff Street  
Will Thompson  
Laura and David Trahan  
Shirley Twitchell  
Bryan Thornton and Emily Uhlhorn  
Annette and Paul Venables  
Mathew Wilson and Lyle York  
Skelly Wingard  
Christine Wood  

Founding Partners

Marin Community Foundation

Venables Bell & Partners

Marin Independent Journal