Our Mission



SchoolsRule-Marin is a collaboration of all Marin's public school foundations, working together as one to raise funds on behalf of all K-12 students countywide helping to ensure that essential educational opportunities are available to EVERY public school student in Marin, regardless of zip code. In pursuit of equitable education funding, our mission is to work collectively with Marin school foundation leaders and bring new funding sources to the public schools across the county's diverse communities while engaging the community in discussions about the important issues facing our schools and public education.

SchoolsRule funds are distributed annually on a per-student basis to each individual school district’s foundation, who work in conjunction with their district to determine the best use for their funds within the four defined program areas: literacy, the arts, technology and health. Year over year, SchoolsRule funds represent the largest single contribution for most of the foundations and more than 50% of the operational budget for those foundations that represent the largest and most vulnerable student populations including HeadsUp in San Rafael, School Fuel in Novato and the countywide Dedication to Special Education organization.  Our goal is to close the inequality gap by helping to provide equitable education opportunities, both among and within Marin school districts.

At the heart of SchoolsRule-Marin lies two fundamentally important principles: the first is that all children, in all schools deserve the best possible educational opportunities, wherever they may live in our community; the second, is that we all have a collective responsibility to look beyond our neighborhoods and individual school districts, to ensure that all schools have the resources they need to fully meet the needs of their students.


Racial Equity Statement
Declaratión de la Equidad Racial