Mission Statement

Our Mission in Action

SchoolsRule-Marin is a coalition of the 20 public school foundations who are working to benefit every public school student in Marin County. Our mission is to engage the community in a discussion about our schools and the important issues facing education, to encourage action through volunteering in the schools, and, in an unprecedented step in our community, to work together as one in raising funds for every child in every public school throughout Marin.

In California, where per student funding ranks near the bottom of all states, districts must rely on the generosity of their communities to fund basic programs through their local school foundations. Marin County is no different. However, some of the foundations, located in more affluent areas, are able to raise millions of dollars to support their schools. In other areas, including the two largest districts in Marin, there is much more economic diversity. Foundation leaders in those communities work with great diligence, but are simply unable to raise the same level of funding as the more affluent districts.

Our local school foundations, while maintaining and operating their organizations on behalf of their own school districts, are now working as one unit to bring in new funding to be distributed annually among the public schools on a student-by-student basis countywide, benefiting every single student in every public school in Marin. Equity is a key value of SchoolsRule, and because of the size of the districts and special needs students, the majority of funds are distributed to districts and children with the most need, representing in some cases up to 30% of their program budgets. Every dollar donated to SchoolsRule-Marin is distributed to the foundations to be used to support programs in their districts in the areas of art, literacy, health and technology.

At the heart of SchoolsRule-Marin lies two fundamentally important principles: the first is that all children, in all schools deserve the best possible educational opportunities, wherever they may live in our community; the second, is that we all have a collective responsibility to look beyond our neighborhoods and individual school districts, to ensure that all schools have the resources they need to fully meet the needs of their students.


Racial Equity Statement
Declaratión de la Equidad Racial