Our Impact: 2016 / 2017 School Year

Total Funds Distributed: $162,651.00

Bolinas-Stinson Union School District: $1,636.07
Bolinas-Stinson will use these funds to support the school library including the purchase of new books and to help students who cannot afford to purchase books during the annual book fair.

Dixie School District – Can Do! Education Foundation: $33,125.85
Can Do! will use this funding to support counseling services at Miller Creek Middle School.

Kentfield School District – kik, $19,911.05
Kentfield Schools Foundation will utilize the monies to fund equipment needed for the MakerSpace programs at Kent and Bacich.

Lagunitas School District – LEAP: $4,579.39
LEAP will use these funds to support our district wide Bobcat Band. Bobcat Band provides an amazing array of instruments, an enthusiastic teacher, and a starter course in music reading. All of this, with the help of Schools Rule funds, gives every child in grades 4-8 the ability, attention, and tools to explore music.

Larkspur-Corte Madera School District – SPARK: $25,088.36
SPARK will use these funds to support a nine-week dance program for elementary students, art materials and digital art supplies for our middle school art program and an Arts Integration Planner and Instructor to provide direct instruction for students and professional development for teachers.

Mill Valley School District - Kiddo!: $52,598.01
Kiddo! will use these funds to help pay for our Kindergarten Dance program, extended library aide hours across the district, and Mindfulness programs in the classroom.

Nicasio School District – Nicasio School Foundation: $821.57
Nicasio will apply these funds to materials and supplies for Art and Performing Arts programs. Novato Unified School District - School Fuel: $130,032.30 School Fuel will continue to use these funds to support music and visual arts instruction at all of the elementary schools. In addition, we're adding an enrichment grants program for middle and high schools.

Reed School District –The Foundation for Reed Schools: $24,890.29
The Foundation for Reed Schools will use our allocation to fund equipment, materials and workshops in our STEM Lab.