SchoolsRule Provides $709,182 in Funds

and Announces New Equity in Education Fund
2021 Ceremony to Disperse Funds

Last week, Marin County public school foundation and district representatives gathered along with donors and community members for the 11th Annual SchoolsRule Distribution of Funds Celebration, where SchoolsRule distributed $709,182 benefiting all Marin public school students!

The event also served as the public announcement of the establishment of the SchoolsRule Equity in Education Fund, created in honor of Mary Jane Burke who is retiring after 50 years of service in education. This legacy fund will support the continuation of essential programs in Marin public schools, specifically benefiting students with the greatest need and ensuring that Mary Jane’s vision of equitable opportunities for ALL Marin County students lives on for future generations.

Historically, SchoolsRule has disbursed funds to each of Marin’s public school foundations based on an equal per-student amount. However, the SchoolsRule Equity in Education Fund was established using a needs-based calculation which is added to the annual per-pupil grant that each foundation receives. After quietly fundraising for the past four months, the fund has already grown to more than $1,000,000 in gifts committed over the next five years which allowed us to include a percentage of the funds in our 2022 distribution total.

To encourage continued growth of the fund as it moves into its public phase, the Marin Community Foundation announced an extremely generous Challenge Grant to match all new donations up to $150,000. Read the full article in the Marin IJ and to donate.

Program Spotlight:

Miller Creek Middle School Wellness Program
Miller Creek Middle School Wellness Program

Miller Creek (MC) Middle School Students are benefiting from the school's new Counseling and Wellness Program, funded by the district's Education Foundation, Can Do! The Wellness Center is a safe, brave space that acts as an intervention for ALL students offering targeted and intensive groups, wellness education and programming, and individual counseling with a focus on mental health, healthy relationships and student support. In addition, the new Wellness Outreach Specialist, has been holding engaging wellness activities during the lunch hour that continue to build on MC’s focus of creating a community of trusted friends and adults. SchoolsRule is proud to help support these important services at Miller Creek Middle School through our 2022 funding to Can Do!

Learn how each of our foundations are utilizing their SchoolsRule funds this school year by visiting our Impact Page.

Thank You for Your Support


On behalf of ALL of our students, teachers, school staff and families, we would like to extend our sincere and heartfelt gratitude to our business partners, realtor partners, and our entire donor community whose continued support of SchoolsRule continues to impact every public school student in Marin, regardless of current circumstances or zip code. Thank you!

Students are returning to on-site learning.

Partner Spotlight:
Venables Bell & Partners, SchoolsRule Founding Partner

Thank you to Redwood Credit UnionMarin Myth Compost

Since 2010, Venables Bell & Partners, an internationally recognized San Francisco ad agency, has donated their firm's time and talent to develop SchoolsRule and support it with an award-winning yearly ad campaign. The focus of the campaigns shift each year but the intent is always to both inform and engage the people of Marin about SchoolsRule but more broadly, the state of education and equity in our county through an honest and fearless approach. We are beyond grateful for their continued partnership, dedication and talent!