SchoolsRule 2019/2020 Donors

Thank you for supporting the students of Marin.

Marin Community Foundation
Redwood Credit Union
Rosenberger Family Fund
The Gruber Family Foundation
Bank of Marin
Marin Sanitary Service
Kaiser Permanente
The Venables Foundation
Marin Association of Realtors
Jackie and Ken Broad
Chrysopolae Foundation
Eva and William Price
The Lakeview Foundation
Wells Fargo
Dominican University
Hennessy Funds
The Hustson-Wiley and Echevarria Foundation Inc.
Jed and Caitlin Smith
Bob and Ruth Dell
BioMarin Pharmaceutical Inc.
County of Marin
Fishman Supply Company
Griswold Family Fund
Harbor Point Charitable Foundation
Herbst Foundation, Inc.
McLeran Roofing
Marin Home Team
Jim and Trisha Garlock

Wells Family Trust
Mary Jane Burke
College of Marin
Montecito Market Place
Paula and Robert Reynolds
Sutter Health - Novato Community Hospital
The Outdoor Art Club, Inc.
Thomas and Tinsley Hutson-Wiley
CPi Developers
Dannis Woliver Kelley
Deborah and Jonathan Goldman
Debra Wetherby Fund for Marin
Gott's Roadside
The Gant Family Foundation
Nancy Gilmour
Seadrift, Katie Beacock
Bill Smith + Ann Alwyn
Mae Lacourse
Cindy and John McCauley
Sydney Joyner
Bryan Thornton and Emily Uhlhorn
Kathleen Clifford and Bill Lampl
Jennifer Fearon
Jay Paxton
Susan Noyes
Andrew Kives and Joyce Abrams
Susan Mathews and Christopher Gilkerson
Patti and Dave Standlin
Terri Ewing
Compass Marin
Kenneth and Joan Gosliner Foundation
Michael and Susan Schwartz Fund
Tutor Corps
Yvonne Kerby-Miller
Strawberry Village
Nugget Markets
Stephanie Moulton-Peters
The Nguyen Family
Cari and Bill Dauphinais
Howard Wynn
Katrina Kehl
Bitsa Freeman
Sharon Kramlich
Joan Kermath
Autria Christensen
Andrea Dyer
Cara and Scott Douglass
Corinne Masri and Fred Padula
Ghilotti Bros., Inc.
Elizabeth and Steve Suzuki
Jen Ritchey Fund
FMK Partners, LP
Walt and Susan Buster
Herbert and Jan West
Anne Harper and Rick Ronald
Thompson Dorfman Partners
Eucalyptus Associates, Inc.
William Cope
Michael Barnett
Jim and Barbara Derich
Christine DeVoto
Shana Rhode-Lynch
James Orrell
Betty Lituanio
Leanne Barsotti and Ken Lippi
Robin Gerrity
Mark Milberg
Natu Tuatagaloa
Kathryn Hansen
Robert and Ellen Goldman
Monib Khadami
Amy and Fred Paulenich
David Hellman
Linda Jackson and Jim Stone
Sarah King
Tammy Edmonson
Tom and Lois Ashley
Karen Jernstedt and Jim Barkovich
Glena Coleman
Shirley Ehrlich
Jeff and Patricia Cost
Judy Coffey
Lisa and Ricardo Capretta
Phyllis and Richard Schlobohm
Catherine and Ted McKown
Thomas Cooper
David and Christine Anderson
Lorin and Barry Schneider
Mary Sackett
Renee Rymer
Michelle Griffin and Tom Parker
Brad and Keli Honsberger
Robert and Jennifer Sterling
Denise Lucy
Tiffani Clarke
Angela Curley
Susan Van Liere
Marilee and Norman Rogers
Stephanie Alamin
Steve and Karen Jaber
Judith and Daniel Katsin
Adriane Lommel
Judy and Jack Sherman
Dr. Shirley Thornton
Sophia and Richard Tong
Kim Colonnelli
Stephen and Nancy Levinson
Mary Ellen Peck
Bob and Gail Griffin
Sheri and Doug Mowbray
Mary Moore
Jean Marchant
Jeff and Bonnie Freiberg
Penny Weiss
Anna Rochester
Jim Maloney
Joy Phoenix
Daniel Fost and Betty Barker
Shelley Vasquez
Lucia Wahl
Stephen Rebscher
Stuart Tanenberg
Kris Castle
Birdie and Joseph Dillon
Paulette Foster
Barbara Owens
Frank Hinkley
Barbara and William Dittmann
Linda Barbara McCarron
Roberta Kemp
Tara Farbstein
Carolyn Baumsteiger