What We Fund

Our Impact: 2017 / 2018 School Year

At the 5th Annual Distribution Event on October 25, 2017, SchoolsRule distributed $753,483 from our 2016/17 fundraising campaign to all Marin Public School Foundations/Districts - our largest distribution amount to date! Since our first Distribution event in 2012, SchoolsRule has distributed nearly $3Million.

Total Funds Distributed: $753,483

Bolinas-Stinson Union School District: $1,615.58
Bolinas-Stinson will use these funds to support the school library including the purchase of new books and to help students who cannot afford to purchase books during the annual book fair.

Dixie School District – Can Do! Education Foundation: $40,245.73
Can Do! will use these funds to support counseling services at Miller Creek Middle School.

Kentfield School District – kik, $25,202.78
kik will utilize the monies to fund equipment needed for the MakerSpace programs at Kent and Bacich. The Makers Space program enhances students learning and creativity with the use of 3D and laser printers, Chromebooks, Bee-Bot robotics, and Lego educational tools.

Lagunitas School District – LEAP: $5,191.88
LEAP will use these funds to support our district wide Bobcat Band which gives every child in grades 4-8 the ability, attention and tools to explore music.

Larkspur-Corte Madera School District – SPARK: $31,129.36
SPARK will use these funds to provide English Learner and Literacy support as well as counseling support for our K-5 students. Our middle school students will benefit from the Being Adept program which trains students in Drug and Alcohol awareness.

Mill Valley School District - Kiddo!: $62,954.25
Kiddo! will use these funds to help pay for our Kindergarten extended dance program, extended library aide hours across the district, and the replacement of kilns for the art program.

Nicasio School District – Nicasio School Foundation: $867.46
Nicasio will apply these funds to materials and supplies for Art and Performing Arts programs.

Novato Unified School District - School Fuel: $158,887.88
School Fuel will continue to use these funds to support music and visual arts instruction at all of the elementary schools. In addition we are adding an enrichment grants program for middle and high schools.

Reed School District – The Foundation for Reed Schools: $30,597.60
The Foundation for Reed Schools will use these fuds to cover the cost of a part time Physical Education aide.

Ross School District – Ross School Foundation: $7,657.46
The Ross School District will apply these funds to our Music Program to purchase instrumental equipment for use by students across all grade levels.

Ross Valley School District – YES: $44,530.86
YES will use this money to help fund our middle school Inventors Labs and to purchase middle school art supplies.

Ross Valley Charter School: $2,536.68
Ross Valley Charter School will use these funds to support literacy programs with a focus on our English Language Learners.

Rural School Districts & MCOE: $1,753.64
Laguna, Lincoln, MCOE Charter, Phoenix Academy, Community Court Funds will be used to support arts and technology programs.

San Rafael City Schools – HeadsUp: $146,934.49
HeadsUp will use these monies to fund 1st-5th grade music at the elementary schools; after-school enrichment, leadership training and Challenge Day at the middles schools; and athletic safety, music support and college consultant and peer support programs at the high schools.

Sausalito Marin City School District- Bayside MLK: $3,094.75
Sausalito Marin City will use these funds to further support the arts at Bayside MLK

Sausalito Marin City School District- Willow Creek Academy: $7,789.28
Willow Creek Academy will use the funds to support our arts programs, including our Music in Society class for 6th, 7th, and 8th graders.

Shoreline Unified School District: $10,884.03
Shoreline will use these funds to support the development of a student wellness center.

Tamaplais Union High School District: $93,521.70
The Drake Fund, $22,454.32: The Drake Fund will use SchoolsRule funds to purchase a laptop cart for the World Languages department and to cover our Wellness Center operating expenses.

Redwood High School Foundation, $36,092.47
Redwood High School foundation will use these monies to fund our Library’s Tech Collaboration Center. This center will give students, teachers and clubs a place to collaborate on projects while incorporating the use of the library resources and technology.

Tam High Foundation, $31,022.14
Tam High foundation will use these monies to help fund our Library Aide's salary allowing us to keep the library open until 7pm. In addition, monies will go towards creating programs and events to bring the students, faculty and wider community together under the umbrella of Tam Unity.

Tamiscal, $2,338.56
Funds will be used to support arts and technology programs.

San Andreas, $1,614.23
Funds will be used to support the strengthening of our school community through site-based and off-site activities

Dedication to Special Education: $78,886.70
Dedication to Special Education will use the funds to buy technology and other teaching materials for special education classrooms throughout Marin, as well as to provide comprehensive teacher training.