Our Impact

Every Fall, SchoolsRule funds are distributed on a per-student basis to each individual school district’s foundation, who work in conjunction with their district to determine the best use for their funds within the four defined program areas: literacy, the arts, technology and health. Year over year, SchoolsRule funds represent the largest single contribution for most of the foundations.  And SchoolsRule funds represent more than 50% of the operational budget for those foundations who represent the largest and most vulnerable student populations including HeadsUp in San Rafael, School Fuel in Novato and the countywide Dedication to Special Education organization. Read the impact statements below to learn how our foundations and districts are using their SchoolsRule funds this school year!


Education Programs Funded By Your Donations

Our Impact: Use of Funds 2023-24

A donation to SchoolsRule supports student programs K-12:

Total Funds Distributed: $784,784

Bolinas-Stinson Union School District: $2,588

Bolinas-Stinson District will use these funds for arts and enrichment, specifically RAKU firing and Library Books.

Kentfield School District – KIK:  $21.806

Kik will use these funds for experiential learning which will impact both Bacich and Kent.

Lagunitas School District – LEAP: $3,244

LEAP will use the funds for the vibrant art, music, and Spanish programs and other enrichment opportunities for all children at the Lagunitas Community School in grades T-K through 8th.

Larkspur-Corte Madera School District – SPARK: $24,689

Spark will use these funds to purchase ukuleles for the elementary music program, engineering materials for the newly created STEM labs, and continue support of the art and wellness programs across the three schools.

Mill Valley School District - Kiddo!: $46,119

Kiddo will use the funds to provide instrument rental scholarships and enhanced music education.

Miller Creek Elementary School District – Can Do! Education Foundation: $39,788

The Can Do! will utilize the funds to support the expanded counseling services. Each elementary school now has an on-site counselor, and the middle school has two counselors and a wellness coordinator. Can Do! provides funding towards the salary and benefits of these counselors, and the donation greatly helps us continue supporting these vital services for approximately 1800 students.

Nicasio School District – Nicasio School Foundation: $956

Nicasio will use these funds to support ongoing upgrades to the school library catalog, including new popular titles, bilingual books, books with equity/inclusion themes, and books that align with the school-wide social-emotional curriculum.

Novato Unified School District - School Fuel: $176,155

School Fuel will use these funds for enrichment grants to support maker spaces, AVID, newcomer clubs, and academic supports, the Sinaloa Middle School student center, and a new student-produced magazine.

Novato Charter School - $5,365

The Novato Charter School Foundation intends to use the funds directly for each specialty program and teacher, including music, handwork, movement, Spanish, and math for students with special needs.

Reed School District – The Foundation for Reed Schools: $19,313

The Foundation for Reed Schools will use these funds to improve our technology spaces at all three schools. Some of these things will include visually enhancing all lab and studio spaces in addition to outdoor spaces, purchasing advanced microscopes and engineering kits, and purchasing advanced robotic kits where students can design, build, and practice coding.

Ross Valley District–Ross School Foundation: $6,453

Ross School Foundation will put these funds towards the service-learning program. Each grade does some project that combines classroom knowledge with solving a real-world challenge.

Ross Valley School District–YES: $34,482

YES will use these funds for the YES Theater program again, which serves students from 3rd -8th grade

Ross Valley Charter School: $4,555

Ross Valley Charter will use these funds to expand learning intervention support for English Language Learners as well as provide our TK/K/1 teachers with deeper professional development around literacy using Heggerty and Foundations curriculum (Orton-Gillingham method). We also hope to expand teaching and parent education around digital literacy.

San Rafael City Schools – HeadsUp: $209,648

HeadsUp will use these funds to support arts enrichment at the elementary schools, after-school enrichment at the middle schools, and college/career counseling at the high schools, as well as support for the Wellness Centers at Davidson Middle School, San Rafael High, and Terra Linda High.

Sausalito Marin City School District-RiseUp! 94965 Foundation: $8,699

RiseUp Foundation will use these funds towards a goal to fund the salary of one full-time Music Teacher to provide music classes at both campuses at a cost of $125,000/year.

Shoreline Unified School District: $13,558

Shoreline will use these funds to support district-wide literacy efforts, including enhancements to the classroom libraries to provide more books to reflect the diversity of the student population.

Tamaplais Union High School District

  • AWHS Falcon Foundation: $22,303
    AWHS will use these funds to continue to fund the operating budget for the Wellness Center, purchase new instruments for the music department, and purchase supplies for ceramics classes.
  • Redwood High School Foundation, $36,375
    Redwood will use our 2023 SchoolsRule funds to provide additional program support and supplies for the on-campus Wellness Center and support for intervention initiatives for students who are struggling in school.
  • Tam High Foundation, $30,373
    The students at Tam High will continue to benefit from having an after-school librarian, thanks to the donation from SchoolsRule. This means we can provide a safe and calm space to any student who wants to study after school five days a week. Our afterschool librarian is a Tam High alum and an absolute rockstar. She understands the homework, gives great tips and advice on following marking rubrics, and is warm and welcoming. In addition, Schools Rule funds will contribute to Young Scholars, a group of young black men who meet in tutorials twice a week. Funding will allow us to support the work being done in this much-needed space.
  • Tamiscal and San Andreas, $4,006
    These funds will be used to continue supporting the wellness programs and equity initiatives.

Dedication to Special Education (DSE): $71,038

DSE will use these funds to continue to support Assistive Technology programs directed toward literacy support for students and teacher grants that focus on the arts, literacy, health, and technology in special education classrooms, as well as multiple inclusion programs designed to increase the knowledge, understanding, and perspectives on the value and application of inclusion of students with disabilities.

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